Welcome to the Sherbourne Trust

Welcome to The Sherbourne Trust
This site is a development on web pages which appeared over 10 years ago.  Much has happened but what follows are the original words we used when we set out in great hopefulness on walks down the Sherbourne.  Check back regularly as more pages are being developed and see the Coventry Pilgrimage Page for info’ on pilgrimage in 2012.

The orginal call – still totally relevant
The Sherbourne Trust wants to create a path through the city of Coventry along the River Sherbourne.  The 10-mile route lies totally within Coventry as the river winds its way from outside Corley, through the city centre and on to the Sowe outside Baginton.  It takes in many historical sites, ancient pasturelands and the recent industrial heritage of city and yet it is largely unknown by Coventry’s citizens.

The Sherbourne Trust wants this waterway to offer a greater appreciation of all these aspects of Coventry and give an introduction to the ancient practice of pilgrimage. Setting out on a journey for a spiritual purpose is an ancient act of proven worth. But how accessible is this today? And how do you go about it? The Sherbourne Trust knows that as people are given the opportunity to step aside from the ‘everyday’ and walk this route they will not only become physically and mentally fitter – they will grow spiritually.

How can this happen?
The natural course of the river takes in many places of historical and spiritual significance, which will help to create a sense of reverence for this holy city. The route will be on the ‘doorstep’ and accessible for Coventry citizens running right through the city centre. And hopefully prayer centres or houses will service the route. Three great monastic houses have been based on or near the Sherbourne in the past.

These places will again have the function of praying for the city, caring for pilgrims and maintaining the route. They will play a vital role in physical and spiritual life of the route. They will help Coventry celebrate its monastic past and embrace its future. They will also offer the opportunity for those wanting more contemplative space to enjoy a framework in which to do this.

The vision is that this will give people a chance to literally lift their spirits whether walking the dog, taking some air or deliberately seeking God. It will provide a place to enrich life and help break down the barriers between the secular and the spiritual.

Much has happened in the intervening years and we are heartened by an interest in walking and praying.  We now enjoy working with others who share these aims. See links.




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