Pilgrimage explained

Pilgrimage explained:
Going on a journey to increase spiritual awareness is not a new idea but perhaps a largely forgotten one. Journeying with the specific aim of putting aside time for spiritual endeavours and discoveries is as important today as it ever was. An easily accessible framework is needed for this activity to be made more possible. Most usually we need a physical focus – an aim and the company of others who travel the same way – or did so once, to help us. In short, a route of pilgrimage.


Retreat explained:
A safe place to rest and reflect on our spiritual identity could be found anywhere. But practically, in our busy world, such places rarely survive. To draw away from the clamour of the world for more than just a few hours usually demands help from others. This is where houses of prayer and community come into their own. They provide a practical demonstration of a life based on prayer. They show prayer to be a valid pursuit. And, by establishing this activity through the means of a community, they enable prayer to continue while the daily round of chores is shared by all involved. Such houses offer a gentle rhythm of prayer, work and contemplation.  We hope that such places might spring up in many places including along the Sherbourne route, providing, amongst other things, hospitality for pilgrims and making rest and retreat a possibility for many.  See link to Coventry Prayer House.