The route of the Sherbourne Valley Way

The Shebourne Valley Way is a route that is walked along the river Sherbourne.  It is a “spur” off the circular “Coventry Way” which is an established 40 mile walk around Coventry.  The route of the Sherbourne Valley Way starts at the Bull and Butcher pub in Corley and covers approximately 7.5 miles into the centre of Coventry following, as close as possible, the river Sherbourne.  The river Sherbourne continues through Coventry and eventually joins the river Sowe near Bagington.

At the moment the Sherbourne Valley Way is only described as far as the city centre but we hope to complete the maps and directions through to the Sherbourne/Sowe confluence soon.  Please see the maps and directions below.

The Sherbourne Valley Way route – Part 1

  1. From the Bull and Butcher car pack walk forward into Watery Lane opposite and continue along the road downhill and around a narrow section for approx’ 1000m.  When the road turns sharp right go through kissing/gate on left.
  2. Fwd, hedge right, passing pond on right (source of Bridle Brook). Thro’ gate and cross bridge to left of ruined barn.  Fwd, hedge left thro’ various gates to reach gravel at top of hill with farmhouse on right.  Thro’ wooden gate to left of field gate and cross more gravel to go thro’ wooden gate on the right.
  3. Fwd, tall hedge on right to cross gravel track and go thro’ wooden kissing gate hidden behind tall hedge.   Fwd, holly hedge right to go thro’ narrow gap and wooden k/g in hedge ahead.
  4. Fwd along enclosed path with hedge right to reach and go thro’ wooden kissing gate in hedge on right.   Fwd across field to left of double telegraph poles to reach kissing gate in field corner.  Thro’ gate and follow round Left thro’ gate onto road (Bridle Brook Lane), take care on the lanes.  Turn Right down road for approx. 600m and turn Left into Pikers Lane.
  5. Just before farm building on left turn Right thro kissing gate and continue fwd hedge left.


Part 2

  1. Fwd hedge left for three fields to reach farm area.  Past house on right and continue down track to pass bungalows on right and then another 100m to reach road.  Half Right across road to go thro’ kissing gate ahead.
  2. Thro’ a second gate and aim for the pylon ahead to cross stile on left of it.  Fwd, hedge right, for approx’ 100m and shortly after gap in hedge cross stile on right.  Half Left down across field aiming for gap/gate in hedge ahead. Thro’ gap and stay in same direction to cross stile in field corner.  Immediately thro’ “closed” field gate and  fwd round path with pond on left to cross footbridge and thro’ kissing gate onto road (Washbrook Lane), take great care.
  3. Turn Left along road for approx’ 600m and, taking care, cross over Browns Lane into Butt Lane.  Continue fwd approx’ 800m turn Left into Whitelaw Crescent.  Follow round to cross lane and thro’ narrow gap in holly hedge ahead.
  4. Thro’ wooden kissing gate and  fwd across field, thro’ another kissing gate and with hedge left continue to another kissing gate in field corner.  At the gate, cross brick bridge over river.
  5. Turn Right and with river on right go thro’ kissing gate, thro’ underpass and thro’ another kissing gate into field.
  6. Cross field and thro’ kissing gate onto path thro’ small spinney. Cross bridge (North Brook) pond on left and follow path round to the Right to cross second bridge. Follow the path with river now on left.


 Part 3

  1. Follow path with river on left ignoring all paths to left and right until path turns Left over bridge and river.  Go thro’ kissing gate and turn Right.
  2. With river on right and school on left continue fwd on grass to go thro’ zig zag rails, turn Right onto drive, then over bridge to reach the main (Holyhead) road.  Turn Left along footpath to reach traffic lights.  Turn Right and with care cross road to corner opposite (river can be seen over fence ahead). Turn Left to cross  Grayswood Avenue, taking care.
  3. Continue fwd past shops on right.  Immediately before houses turn Right down track to go thro’ k’gate and turn Left into Lake View Park. Continue fwd , river on right to reach junction of Lake View Road with Four Pounds Avenue.  Cross road (dual carriageway) with care.
  4. Turn Left along pavement and then Right into service road signed “Superstore and RetailPark”.  Continue on path as it becomes “enclosed” and zig zags across the river bridge to the “Arches Industrial Estate”.  Continue thro’ the estate to reach main road.
  5. Turn Left along Spon End, then first Left over old bridge into Upper Spon Street, passing ruins of Lepers’ Chapel on left.  Shortly after Spon Gate School gates on left, cross road with care and turn Right into Sherbourne St. After last bungalow on left, turn Left onto path thro’ “WellingtonMemorialGarden”, to reach the road.
  6. Half Right across road with care to enter paved footpath on left of river.  Continue fwd to reach and cross black and white cast iron canal bridge then bear Left to cross road. Down pathway ahead, turn Left to go thro’ two subways and exit up steps on the left.
  7. Continue fwd along enclosed pathway, ring road left, (river visible over railings on right), passing “Sky Dome” car park on right to reach brick-paved Spon St on right.  Along Spon St to reach St John the Baptist’s, Spon End on left.  Over pedestrian crossing, turn Left along Corporation St. Continue on pavement, passing “Coventry Telegraph” on left to reach “Burges”.
  8. Half Right taking care across “Burges” to enter  archway of “Palmer Lane” (right of “Godiva Tailoring”) along cobbled lane (river visible behind railings on right), bear Left and take care crossing “Trinity St” keeping Sainsbury’s right, continue fwd to enter “Priory Place” between the two bases of the “Whittle Arches”.
  9. Keep Right thro’ “Priory Place”, along bridge over water feature follow path round Cloister Garden, over ancient Cathedral ruins, Left over bridge, turn Right along cobbles to reach Holy Trinity Or  Left to reach old and new Cathedrals.


 Part 4 (to the river Sowe ….coming soon)